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Green Lady Killers to Return to Arizona with Two Shows in March

It's been a minute since I've seen The Green Lady Killers in action. The hometown garage rockers relocated to Los Angeles some time ago, but before that I used to enjoy dipping into random dive bars to catch a live show by the grrrly trio.

Needless to say I was pretty stoked yesterday when they announced on the band's Facebook page, two Arizona shows coming up in March.

You see, GLK always reminds me of the first and last time I walked through the ally entrance of the Emerald Lounge, one of the Valley's premier local music venues before it closed down in 2005.

Located just below what is now Sidebar on Seventh Avenue and McDowell, I only have feint memories of the musky club, but I hold them near and dear. A transplant from the City of Angels, I was still finding my bearings back then when a friend and I stumbled in. We heard some bands were going to be playing later on that night so we loaded up and hung out.

I only remember two of the bands that played that night. The first, was some touring death metal act fronted by this chick with a wicked death growl followed by GLK.

Cherrybomb, with her signature black bangs and animal print something or other, accosted the crowd with her gaze as she flailed on drums, while the leather-clad, high heeled Lady Van Buren wailed and shredded on guitar. This was how I was indoctrinated to the Arizona music scene. It also marks the one and only time I've bought band merch that wasn't a CD.

The Green Lady Killers play Friday, March 9, at Hollywood Alley in Mesa, and again, Saturday, March 10, at Inkenstein Tattoo's annual anniversary party.

I may have to bust out my GLK T-shirt, I'm not sure yet.

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