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Greetings from Up on the Sun's Newest Contributor

Greetings, Up on the Sun readers! My name is Stephen Chilton and I am the newest addition to the Up on the Sun writing crew. Some of you may know me by the moniker under which I've promoted Valley concerts since 2000, Psyko Steve.

I want to fill you in on what I will be contributing and what I will not be writing about. I intend to blog about two topics that I am passionate and knowledgeable about. Mostly, I'll write about downtown Phoenix happenings. Less frequently, I'll post national music business news. I won't write anything about events I'm hosting or acts I'm working with.

I have been an active supporter of the cultural happenings downtown since I was in high school. In my day job as a concert promoter, I hear about many great events downtown and am going to be passing that information on to you. Many of these are events that, in the past, did not rise to a level of worthiness to be published in New Times, but with the power of this blog, they can now still come to your attention.

Over the past nine years, I have worked at a record label in L.A., managed U.S. tours by both national and international bands, managed a band that I got signed to a subsidiary of Warner Brothers, and promoted hundreds of shows in the valley. I've learned about many different sides of the business and will bring that knowledge to help provide expert commentary on the latest developments in this evolving business.

While writing about these two topics I will not be writing about events I am part of or bands I work with. This space is my outlet to comment on things I am not involved with and not to promote my own events.

If you ever need to get a hold of me please feel free to e-mail any time: [email protected].

I am really excited to join Martin, Jonathan, Benjamin, Lilia, and everyone else at New Times. You are bound to see some great things here.

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Stephen Chilton