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Grieves and Budo @ Chasers

Do our rappers need a long-term view? Are they shooting themselves in the foot by devoting their albums to the nitty gritty of the day-to-day? Take Keith Richards, for instance. It took him half a damn century to air his dirty laundry: the ladies on the tour bus, the squabbles with Mick, the truth behind what really happened between Marianne Faithfull and that Mars bar. (Sadly, nothing.) But when you've got a rapper like Seattle's Grieves, whose bread and butter is the tough life of being a touring artist, well, what's left for a memoir? What will remain to reveal five decades down the road? Maybe he's just cannier than the rest of us, trying to cash in before the (next) financial collapse and the inevitable roving mutant vampire gangs make nostalgia for the pre-apocalyptic times unnecessary, quaint, and a downright dangerous distraction. That aside, Grieves' latest moody album, Together/Apart, his third overall and second as a collaboration with producer/multi-instrumentalist Budo, offers 16 melodic, melancholic chronicles infused with Grieves' smoky vocals and reverbed singing. The tracks are punctuated by soulful horns and guitars, which Budo and others provide over beats in a live setting. Minneapolis rapper Prof and Seattle singer-comedian/rapper The MC Type are along for the ride on this Valley visit. Who knows what stories they'll share?

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Chris Hassiotis