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Gui Boratto

Dense with vivid, lively chirp patterns, Gui Boratto's debut full-length offers authentic dance-floor splendor. The Brazilian producer's use of summery melodies on the diverse Chromophobia makes for many pleasant moments, as he sometimes warms wobbly, gritty android movements with surging synths ("Terminal") or lights the way with splintering trance ("The Blessing"). Last year's "Like You" single, a sugary sliver of grandiose house pop that Boratto has included on Chromophobia, is marked by Luciana Villanova's comely, titillating vocal contributions. The full-length's most satisfying entry, "Beautiful Life," also features some sensual vocals, albeit pitched down and inaudible at times. The song builds on textured, swirling synths and airy background swooshes before peaking and dropping out so that just the sky-gazing loops are there, and then firing right back into all of its ample energy. It's definitely over the top, but it wouldn't be surprising to hear about "Beautiful Life" — or even Chromophobia — for the rest of the year, from anyone who's experienced it.
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Dominic Umile