Haffo Announces Reunion Show

Haffo Announces Reunion Show

Most break-ups end horribly, and reunions are often just as rocky. Despite the original magic, it's nearly impossible to recapture the love.

But sometimes it's not so dramatic. Haffo had one of those rare breakups where you actually can still be friends with your ex and it's not that awkward. After getting back together for a reunion show on New Year's Day of this year, the band announced a second show on January 20 at Clubhouse Music Venue.

Haffo is still hammering out the details, but we do know that Future Loves Past is confirmed as an opener, and Haffo's singer, Jordan Perry, hopes that Captain Squeegee will also be on the bill.

We spoke to Perry to find out what's been going on with this dearly departed local reggae/punk band. See what he has to say after the jump.

What should we expect from the reunion show?

You can expect all of us to be super-enthusiastic. [We're] going to sprinkle in the covers and the jams, we're adding them into weird parts of the songs. We're changing up some of the songs. Not much is going to be the exact same. Pretty much 90% of the songs we play are going to have some different elements that are going to surprise someone...You can expect Kyle Rogers, our guitarist, to attempt a backflip as well.

It's not surprising that Haffo plans on covering artists like NOFX and RX Bandits, but some covers, like Refused, will be interesting to hear.

Our bassist kind of comes across as shy if you don't know him very well. He's going to be singing and doing some weird screaming. It's either going to sound good or be funny, so either way it's a win-win situation. When you've got a bassist like ours, you can't keep him held down for too long.

Why did the band break up?

We played for seven years and we have a lot of really awesome moments. A lot of thrilling moments as a band, as a group, as a team, whatever you want to call it. After about seven years, I guess the message just kind of didn't ring as strong for all of us. We had to go our separate ways . . . I miss being on the stage and dancing around and getting down in front of a crowd of people.

Haffo is considering releasing a live album, so stay tuned.

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