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Hairforce Debuts at Upper Deck Sports Grill Saturday With a Slew of Popular Local Musicians

Watch out Metalhead, there's a new hair metal cover band in town and they have your old guitarist... Whether they steal a piece of your thunder remains to be seen.

Hairforce is a hair metal super group featuring some of Phoenix's best musicians including G-String, the former guitarist for Metalhead who was known for his air head and womanizing schtick, along with three musicians from pop-rock act Violet Wild (frontman and singer Bobby Scott, bassist Chris Serafini (who also plays with Let Go) and drummer Rich Polmans (who also plays with Strange Young Things).

The guys who don long-haired wigs and guyliner ala Metalhead for their gigs will kick off their first of a new slew of weekly performances at downtown Scottsdale's Upper Deck Sports Grilll. The show will kick off around 10 p.m. Will Hairforce pack 'em in like Metalhead does consistently at Martini Ranch on Sundays? We're not sure but we're certainly curious to see them in action.

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Kelly Wilson