Hannibal Buress: stand-up comedian, actor, and occasional DJ.EXPAND
Hannibal Buress: stand-up comedian, actor, and occasional DJ.
Courtesy of Comedy Central

Hannibal Buress to DJ at Cobra Arcade Bar on Thanksgiving Eve

Hannibal Buress is one multi-talented cat.

As we’re sure you’re aware – especially if you watch a lot of Comedy Central and Adult Swim – the dude’s a hilarious standup comic and actor who’s starred in a few of his own specials and appeared on such shows as Broad City, Childrens Hospital, and The Eric Andre Show. In years past, Buress has been a writer, including working on 30 Rock, and a television producer to boot.

Oh yeah, he also gets behind the record decks now and again, performing under the moniker of DJ Burger Feet. No joke.

You can see Buress in action as a DJ on Wednesday, November 23, when he’ll perform at Cobra Arcade Bar during the Thanksgiving Eve party Turkey Tits. The event is being put on by local party promoter Jen Deveroux and local turntable jock Tricky T.

Buress typically does the DJ thing at after-parties following his comedy gigs. As such, he’ll be performing at Stand Up Live earlier in the evening before heading over to Cobra. He’ll be joined by frequent collaborator and electronic/indie producer DJ Tony Trimm. Tricky T will also perform.

The party starts at 9 p.m. and will also feature live art by Dumperfoo and Robert Gentile. Admission is free.

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