Hanson at Mesa Arts Center Still Make Audiences Scream After More Than a Decade

There may not have been as many handmade signs or as much hysteria at Mesa Arts Center last night as Hanson has seen in their heyday, but the band still managed to pack more than 500 fans in for an intimate show.

The guys proved their accessibility to their fans by giving out gifts to audience members (see: Zac's drumsticks), as well as holding a meet-and-greet after the show. And while one fan thought Frankie Muniz's band You Hang Up played decently, she thought the guys should add some meat to their bones.

Here's what everyone was buzzing about, and read our review here.

@Sarah_boone- Someone came to party. Opening band is cool but they are too skinny and should be never nudes

@simi5150- hanson did a great job tonight! THE BEST! cant wait til they come 2 town again! i love hanson!

@ShoutItOutTour- I dunno where we are in the setlist now, but they're playing Runaway Run!!!!! #hanson

@Cierraaxoxo- GREAT SHOW IN ARIZONA, #HANSON . I had a great time meeting you and jamming out!

@breannagarcia-@hansonmusic awesome show tonite guys - your amazing! It was nice talking about the weather with you ike at the walk!! -b

@HighLightLauren- Most amazing show ever. Now im waiting to meet hanson!

@lotsofhope- @hansonmusic TY 2 Zac. 2nite was my nieces 1st Hanson Concert you gave her ur drum sticks, she'll remember that 4ever. TY all 4 a g8 show!

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