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Hate Kings Of Leon? You're Going To End Up Wanting To Go To Their Show Anyway. Peep These Openers.

Sure, Kings of Leon suck. Hard. Soooooo hard. But damn it if the only legitimate arena-ready act born of the early naughties garage rock revival doesn't know how to pick openers.

The last time I wrote about them, announcing their July 10 show at Cricket Wireless Ampitheatre made a quip I now have to retract: "I am disappointed to learn that, barring a well-timed vacation, I will now be seeing the band [again]..."

Actually, I'm now thrilled. Built to Spill and The Features are opening that show. Other shows from their summer tour will have support from The Black Keys, The Stills, and The Whigs. Pretty impressive, right?

They might be a bunch of cocky, marble-mouthed redneck boys, but those Kings sure know how to book support. Honestly, this is the cruelest joke of all on people like me who hate those fuckers and their fiery sex.

"Sure," they seem to be saying, "you hipsters all think we suck, but we can still get some your favorite bands to beg us for a bunk on our bus."

I mean, shit, what's next? Are they gonna hire Jack White as a roadie? Sleep with Karen O? Tell Animal Collective to stop recording music and make videos for them instead? Who knows.

It's good to be Kings, I guess.

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Martin Cizmar
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