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HATEyourANSWERINGmachine: Listen to Some Dude Review Records with Weird Voicemail Messages

Want a weird review of the new Strokes record?

How about one that starts like this:

"Everyone has those kinds of friends, those friends you grow estranged from during the course of life but still keep in touch. You'll hear from them every year or so, maybe get a Facebook update..."

Now imagine this was left on someone's voice mail and you've got HATEyourANSWERINGmachine, a weird little audio-based blog which features some hipster dude musing philosophically about popular music until the tape runs out.

Actually, though, it's pretty cool.

The blogger in question actually has some interesting -- though a bit droll -- things to say. Look for gems like:

"The bleeding edge of technology is often a slippery slope, and with good reason in a mass culture that's so heavily intertwined with the artifice of technology..." He goes on to discuss the battle between HD DVD and Blue Ray in great depth.

Did I mention this is a review about Radiohead?

Here are a few reviews to check out, or see the full blog here.

Answering Machine Message :: The Strokes :: Angles by HATEyourANSWERINGmachine

Answering Machine Message :: Lykke Li :: Wounded Rhymes by HATEyourANSWERINGmachine

Answering Machine Message :: Radiohead :: The King of Limbs by HATEyourANSWERINGmachine

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