Hear Lightning Bolt Drummer's New Solo Album Before Trunk Space Show

There are many distinct "walls of sound," though it might be easy to generalize their impactful effect on ones cranium and aural canal. There's the Phil Spector recording technique which huddled a number of musicians across an equally scattered array of microphones, resulting in a panoramic, ensconced dynamic warmth. There's also the My Bloody Valentine/Sunn O)))/Dinosaur Jr brand of forbidding, loud-as-hell guitar cacophony.

Then there's the skin-grafting noise duo Lightning Bolt, who basically constructs a fortress of amps and drums on the venue floor before eroding the audience's collective tooth enamel with unrelenting distortion.

Lightning Bolt will be cheerfully providing their wall of sound at Trunk Space on Friday, August, 31, with video game theme mavens Minibosses and Tempe hardcore sweethearts Gay Kiss. An equally frenetic comic artist and solo practitioner, drummer and vocalist Brian Chippendale happens to bang out psychedelic visual art and other projects as fast as his cymbal crashes.

Before venturing on this tour, Chippendale uploaded the newest album of his solo project, Black Pus, on Bandcamp. Fans of Lightning Bolt will hear the same pummeled percussion and cellar-depth vocals, albeit in a more sustained and perhaps meditative context. Pus Mortem perfects the kind of mutilated Jock Jams Chippendale has explored in these solo ventures, echoed vocals careening over hypnotic snare servos. Downloads of the album are name-your-price, so throw him some burrito money, why don't you?

I was expecting to have to wait for the recently-completed Lightning Bolt album, Oblivion Hunter, which doesn't officially drop until Sept. 25. However, Chippendale said on Twitter that a few copies of the album with handmade covers may be available at their Texas shows. Does this mean a few of these colorful discs will end up for sale in Phoenix? Don't ask me: I can't just confirm wanton rumors that I myself started. How about this piece of hearsay: is it true the sound of ringing in your ears means you'll never hear that specific frequency ever again?

Lightning Bolt is scheduled to perform Friday, August 31, at Trunk Space.

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