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Hear, See, Read: Monotonix, and Alter Der Ruine

By Niki D’Andrea

In an effort to bring a more multi-media music experience to our readers, we’re gonna start posting Wednesday previews of what’s coming up in the week’s print music section of Phoenix New Times. But rather than just pimp our ink, we’re also going to post MP3s, YouTube clips, and photos, to give you a better idea of what these bands actually sound/look like. We want to give a more full-on sensory experience. We want to reach out and touch you. We’re working on scratch ‘n’ sniff links.

The November 8 issue features two unusual, underground bands. The first is Monotonix, a noise/“new classic” rock band from Tel Aviv, Israel that tends to run through the audience while playing their instruments. Guitarist Yonatan Gat hand-picked a song for us to post on this blog, just for you (and you and you and you). The song is called “Summers and Autumns.” Hear it here:

Eat the Music: Monotonix front man Ami Shalev

We’ve also got a story on Tucson industrial band Alter Der Ruine. And while the author of the story, Daniel Raven, swears these guys are smiley and light-hearted, the video below is actually kinda scary. Before you click the little “play” button, be advised the clip is not for the faint of heart. It contains images of what appears to be auto-erotic asphyxiation in a bathtub, infrared bloody/crawling things, and BDSM situations. All great selling points for somebody somewhere, we’re sure.

Alter Der Ruine: “Hep C”

Also in the 11-8 music section: Fog front man Andrew Broder reviews the reviews of Fog’s album. Word association with Say Anything singer Max Bemis. CD reviews of Puscifer, Felix Da Housecat, and locals Gemini Soul and Resonars.

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