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Help Field Tripp Send Title 1 Students On a, Uh, Field Trip

The Benefit Dinner Concert for Pueblo Band combines two goods -- music and charity. Pueblo del Sol School will host performances by Field Tripp, Snake! Snake! Snakes!, Catfish Mustache, and A Life of Science so that the eighth-grade class can raise money to perform in a music showcase in Anaheim, California.

Find out more about the show and why Pueblo del Sol needs help after the jump.

Brian Mabry, an eighth-grade band teacher at Pueblo and the clarinet/guitar player in Field Tripp helped set up the show.

"Pueblo del Sol School is a Title 1, low-income school located in Isaac School District. All of the students at the school qualify for free lunch. Only 5 percent of my band students can afford their own instrument," he says, "So far, the fundraising efforts have not been successful and we have only been able to raise $1,500 and still need $9,500 left for the trip."

Mabry intends to raise $11,000, which breaks down to $300 per student. The money will be used to get the kids to California to perform at a Forum Festival on Friday, May 10, and to have some fun at Disneyland.

"I decided to combine my love for music and setting up shows with raising money for the band. I have seen the other three bands countless times around town and in Sedona and [I'm] friends with some of the guys from Snakes! and A Life of Science, so they decided to help me out. When I started to talk to the students about the concert, they requested to see me perform, so I asked Field Tripp to play as well," Mabry says.

Admission is $5, so if anything -- and that $5 also includes a catered spaghetti dinner. To supplement the fundraising efforts, the school is raffling off prizes from donors that include Phoenix Suns, Crescent Ballroom, Arizona Science Center, and many more (see the full list here).

Concertgoers are strongly encouraged to RSVP to the Facebook event page to ensure that there's enough spaghetti to go around. Pre-sale tickets are available through Brian Mabry (who can be reached at [email protected]), otherwise, tickets can be purchased at the door.

Field Tripp, Snake! Snake! Snakes!, Catfish Mustache and A Life of Science are scheduled to perform at Pueblo del Sol on Friday, February 8 at 5 p.m.

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