Help Name Relentless Beats' New EDM Night at The Monarch Theatre

How does one come up with a killer name for their weekly club event? The promoters of Bar Smith's über-popular Sticky Fingers night, for instance, cribbed from the Rolling Stones. Meanwhile, the folks behind The Blunt Club parlayed the hip-hop world's love of weed into the name of their night when it launched back in 2003.

Valley EDM promoters Relentless Beats, on the other hand, are hoping to tap into clubgoers' collective imaginations and do a little crowdsourcing to determine the moniker of their newest electronic dance music event.

Next month, they'll be taking over Saturday nights at the newly opened Monarch Theatre in downtown Phoenix and are turning to their fans to conjure up the perfect name for the weekly shindig.

The cats that run Relentless Beats, which has booked and promoted house and EDM events across the Valley's nightlife landscape for more than 15 years, posed the question to their followers on Facebook recently, asking "What should we call our new [Saturday] night [at] Monarch Theatre?"

So far, they've gotten plenty of responses. Suggestions have included the good ("Sovereign Saturdays," "Social Butterfly Saturdays"), the bad ("Saturday Night Fever"), and the downright strange "Pants Off Dance Off Saturdays").

The person who pitches the perfect name for the weekly will receive a free table during its grand opening night on Saturday, May 26. Electronica songstress Nadia Ali is scheduled to perform during the party.

Those interested in throwing their suggestion into the mix can do so via this Facebook page.

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