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Henry Rollins

No stranger to venting his personal unease upon the world, Henry Rollins has sat confidently behind the wheel of his own company truck since 1986, the year he formed his vanity publishing company, 2.13.61, and launched a solo career as a spoken-word artist. The ferocious mouthpiece for pioneering hard-core outfit Black Flag and the Grammy-nominated Rollins Band, Hank certainly knows the value of a good zinger whether he's discussing Baywatch, Auschwitz or how political leaders might achieve world peace by giving one another an occasional hand job. A menacing presence in films both notable (1996's Lost Highway) and stinky (1998's Jack Frost), today's version of Rollins poses a contradiction for rabid fans from the days of yore. Now, you're more likely to see the tattooed colossus on The Drew Carey Show (joining the "TV party" that he once mocked so effectively) than rattling the cage of a world he can't stand. "If you've ever seen the first seven minutes of the Dennis Miller Show, where he just goes off, that's what I do," says Rollins. "It's everything from the last movie I was in to the thing that happened to me in traffic the other day to my theory that Donald Rumsfeld is the new Henny Youngman."
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John La Briola