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Here's How Your Band Could Open For Bon Jovi

Wouldn't your band look great opening for these guys?
Wouldn't your band look great opening for these guys? Norman Jean Roy

From now until 1 p.m. on Friday, February 1, you can submit your tryout tapes to Live Nation and Bon Jovi to get a chance to try and change your world by winning a contest to open for New Jersey legends Bon Jovi when they play Talking Stick Resort Arena on March 4.

That's right, your band can win the privilege of opening for Bon Jovi on their This House Is Not For Sale tour that's happening starting on February 8 in South Carolina. Live Nation is sponsoring a contest for bands to submit one video of their material through a website to be considered for an opening slot at Bon Jovi's show at the venue of the winning band's choice. There will be a different winner on each night of Bon Jovi's 30-show tour. It's the third time they have done such a contest.

Of course, there are some caveats in the form of some fine print.

For example, to be considered there can be no obscenity or vulgarity, gang signs or symbols, violence, explicit sexual or drug activity, nudity, blatant product placements, license plates or phone numbers or physical addresses, websites or links, or derogatory characterizations of any race, ethnicity, sexual, or religious groups, or any humiliation of other people in your video. Luckily, this means a band featuring President-elect Donald Trump would not make it past the first round of judging, as singing about pussy grabbing, according to these rules, is a no-no.

You also are agreeing, if you are chosen, to not say anything disparaging about Live Nation for one year. Nor can you publicly promote one of Live Nation's competitors for one year. We've never seen a non-compete clause on a contest entry, but there you go.

You can find the full contest rules here.

In the press release, Jon Bon Jovi said, "Every great band starts small and builds their rep one show at a time. That's the opportunity we were given, and now we want to pay it forward. If you're ready for the arena stage, submit your audition tapes and join us in playing for the best audiences in rock music."

There will probably be hundreds of submissions for the team at Live Nation to go through before they pass on the top ten videos to the band themselves for final judging. Some lucky band will get to grace the Talking Stick stage here in town and play for up to 20 minutes, or 3.67 power ballads. Obviously we're having some fun here with a beloved American band, but when it comes right down to it, if you're willing to play by the rules, it's a great opportunity to play for several thousand people while several thousand more buy expensive beer and wine and Bon Jovi Members Only jackets.
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