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Hey Monday, Cartel, The Ready Set, This Century and We Are the In Crowd at Nile Theater

Valley fans of Phoenix band This Century were let in on some disappointing news last night at their show at the Nile Theater in Mesa--due to "vocal issues" with singer Joel Kanitz, the band had to cancel their set. He explained via Twitter: "We are having to cancel again tonight due to vocal issues. Trying to get to the bottom of this problem..sorry about all of this."The crowd that was there, though, got to check out sets by a ton of pop rock bands, including We Are the In Crowd, The Ready Set, Cartel and Hey Monday. They were quick to Tweet their mini-reviews after the show, and here's what they had to say.

@Kiara__Perez- Show was amazing and got to meet new people! Can wait until Hey Monday and/or We Are The In crowd's next show!

@jonnieee- hey monday concert was sick! but This Century couldnt play :( got to chat with @ThisCenturyJoel though! so sweet!

@codieearly- Cartel is covering My Friends Over You by New Found Glory, pretty freakin beautiful.

@marcometer- @The Ready Set has a great stage presence but thats an auto-tuned mic & Im not impressed. Your voice sounds like caca, what! #ComeAtMeBro

@Justinisnbd- Me and @tayjardine at the @wearetheincrowd concert... You were amazing!


@Court143trs- @thereadyset was absolutely amazing! Great job jordan!

@Sarahoustonsays- My life is made. Keegan and Travis from @thereadyset talked to me And i totally grabbed jwitzs hand!

@cecilymarie- @heymonday awesome show tonight! I loved it! <3

@HeyitsSadiee- @heymonday !!!! Best concert I have ever been to you rocked it!! Your guys are so badass!

- @heymonday @heycassadee @mikegentile @alexlipshaw thanks so much for another mind blowing concert in Arizona come back soon love you guys

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