Hey, Up and Coming Phoenix Band, Want to Tour China for Free?

Are you a struggling band, working your asses off to book gigs and make yourselves known? Then let Planetary Group and Sonicbids do some of the work for you. They are offering an opportunity for one band to tour China, all expenses paid. The Tour China 2010: East Meets West is an incredible opportunity for young, relatively unkown bands to expand their base and reach out to a whole new fanbase. If you're a blues, hip hop/rap, jazz, pop, reggae, rock, singer/songwriter or world musician, then this opportunity is right up your alley.

Bands such as Locksley, Something to Burn and Malajube have bolstered their careers in due part to their tours overseas in both China and Scandinavia. The 2010 edition will kick off in March and roll through China cities Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao, Tianjin, Hangzhou and Nanjing before wrapping up their tour with a performance at the Jue Festival.

The winning band will recieve an all expenses paid trip to China with costs such as hotels, food and equipment rentals. In this economy, an opportunity like this cannot be overlooked. It is a great chance for a young band to get their name out and play some big-time gigs. Can a Phoenix band step up and put their name on the map?

For information regarding this opportunity, head to planetarygroup.com.

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