Hideous Donald Trump-Zilla Destroys Phoenix In New Puscifer Music Video

Maynard James Keenan of Puscifer, Tool, and A Perfect Circle has always had an odd sense of humor. If he has a signature lyrical trick with the band, it's injecting lightheartedness into songs and verse ideas that are deathly serious. No track on Money Shot, the band's 2015 album, better exemplifies this than "The Arsonist," and now the song has a new music video.

The song "The Arsonist" is essentially about someone who burns bridges, isolates themselves, and altogether torches important social connections. It's dark stuff, constructed with an equally menacing soundscape of twisted synths and eerie vocals from Keenan and Carina Round, but then Keenan cuts the tension by screaming "What's the matter, Beavis?" over and over during the song. Referencing Beavis and Butthead is a surprisingly multilayered device — not only is Beavis an arsonist credited with inspiring '90s latchkey kids to play with matches, the character is antisocial as well, just like the subject of the song.

But one look at the music video for "The Arsonist" and you see that Puscifer decided to emphasize the song's funny side. The animated video, directed by David Brown & Junior aka Lord Tyrion, begins with Joe Rogan announcing a mixed martial arts fight at a Phoenix arena between Keenan and Ronda Rousey, the stakes being that Keenan will get a sex reassignment surgery if he loses.  

After a brief training montage, the fight begins, but it doesn't get too far until a Godzilla-sized Donald Trump, dressed in a bulging, ill-fitting suit complete with a tail and an awful hair piece, destroys Mt. Rushmore and the White House before peeling back the arena's roof and stopping the fight. Rousey assembles a team of superpowered MMA fighters and together they take on Trump-zilla

It's as bizarre as it sounds, complete with cameos from regular Puscifer characters. And no, the video does not mention a timeline for the new Tool album. Watch the video below.

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