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High Horse Explains Song Off of Self-Titled Debut

When you team up the brotherly duo from The Necronauts, Billy and Dale Goodman, with Stereotyperider guitarist/vocalist Mike Upsahl, good things are bound to happen. And good things have taken shape in the collaborative effort that is the band High Horse. The trio released their self-titled seven-song EP earlier this year. They call it skiddly biddly bop music.

One of the gems off of the album is, "Shitty Things," an anthemic indie rocker that turns a shitty thing like addiction on its ear.

Give the track a go after the jump and read what Upsahl has to say about the song.

They'll be performing live on Sunday, July 24, at Long Wong's in Tempe.

"Shitty Things"

MU: When we first got together, my old band had just broken up and Billy had been asking me to come over and jam. I went over and brought my guitar and they had a Fender Rhodes there. ["Shitty Things"] ended up being the first song we started jamming on.

It's about addictions and how bad things happen. You hurt people that you love but things will always get better. It's about looking at the bright side.

Shitty Things by BlackCactusRecords

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