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Holy AZ Republic Reader's Choice! A New Jimmy Eat World Song, "My Best Theory"

The most important, wildly popular Arizona band in the last year -- so says the always on top of things, meticulously up-to-date Arizona Republic -- Jimmy Eat World announced via twitter today that the band was streaming a new song from their upcoming album Invented.

The song, "My Best Theory," picks up where 2007's Chase This Light left off. I'm no Jimmy Eat World expert, so the best I can come up with is that "My Best Theory" sure does sound like the band is in stride -- and that it will get tons and tons of rock radio play.

I haven't really bothered with Jimmy Eat World since Futures, but who's to say the band can't recapture some of that Clarity swagger? "My Best Theory" certainly fits in with the current alternative/rock music scene, so it will be interesting to see the reception Inventions gets once it hits store shelves September 28.

Where does Jimmy Eat World go from here? Well, Tucson on September 27, for starters, and then the Marquee on October 30. Head on over to iTunes to download "My Best Theory" for yourself.

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Michael Lopez