Holy Post-Easter Miracle! Matt Giraud is Saved on 'Idol'

As far as 'Idol' results shows go, last night was actually semi-exciting, no? After Matt tanked Tuesday night (and he really did tank), it was pretty obvious he was going to be in the bottom three, if not last place. The judges' decided to take advantage of this new Wild Card rule, where they can "save" a contestant who comes in at the bottom to come back the next week.

When they first announced the rule, I thought it was a lame attempt by producers to keep viewers tuned in, but after last night, I'm a fan. It was actually sort of exciting to see what the judges would do, not to mention (as Simon pointed out) that two people will be going home next week (drama! excitement!) and that it's disco week, which, yknow, is sure to be a total trainwreck.

As Simon also pointed out (he's so wise), Matt doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning this thing, but if he didn't decide to save him, I think Paula and Kara would have tied him up and begging and pleaded until he relented. Simon knew this (he aint no dummy), so he relented. At least, that's how it looked to me.

There was also a cheesy-ass Ford video and a laughably choreographed group number to Hall & Oates' "She's a Maniac." While I'm still sad to have seen Scott MacIntyre go, I can't say I'm not excited by the fact that every group number from here on out will go balls-out on the cheesy dancing, which they weren't really able to do when Scott was around (getting the blind contestant to walk over sexily to Paula and sing to her ala Kris Allen probably isn't a good idea).

We also got "treated" (it was more of a trick) to a lame performance by Miley Cyrus and a much better one from Idol also-ran Jennifer Hudson (she seems to be doing OK for herself despite not going all the way on the show, eh?).

Next week: Disco. Can't wait to see what Adam Lambert wears!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.