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Hoodstock Is This Weekend: Flathead, DRYC, What's Left, and a Street Fair Vibe

Hoodstock is scheduled for this weekend in Tempe.

This weekend's event is (CORRECTION) not the same event called Hoodstock in Tempe which has its own wikipedia entry. It's also not the Oakland Dance party of the same name or the Miami rap showcase of the same name. Whew. This is the second straight year for extremely uncreatively-named event, and just as last year, the event conflicts with First Friday, running this Friday (6-9 p.m.) and Saturday (1-9 p.m.) at Hoodlums Music in Tempe.

Flathead, What's Left, Mojo Farmers and, of course, Dry River Yacht Club (thus preserving the Black-Emporer-Says Theory) will play, along with a host of other bands. Full bill here.

(The Black-Emperor-Says Theory: At any Phoenix-area indie rock festival there is a 100 percent probability that Emperors of Japan, Black Carl, and/or What Laura Says will be on the bill.)

The show is for a good cause, benefiting the Broadmor Elementary intervention program. Speaking of kids, there's a Kid's Art on Vinyl sale -- the store gathered up a box of old records and 45's and let the Broadmor kids have at them -- but we'll let the folks at Jackalope Ranch

tell you more about that. Also, Changing Hands Bookstore, Mac's Broiler and Tap, and Here on the Corner have agreed to donate a percentage of sales during the event to the program.

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