Radio Free America

Hookers and Blow

I know what you're thinking, but no, this isn't a recap of how I spent the weekend. It's almost the holidays so I had to forego the hookers this time around. Rather, this post is marking a milestone of sorts for

Radio Free America

, soon to be known as Smile You're Dead. Due to some legal shenanigans RFA nucleus

Eric Seven

is changing the name of his synth/electro/dance/pop outfit after some fifteen years, and he's celebrating the switch-up by releasing a new track for your asses, "Hookers and Blow." This is either the last RFA song or the first Smile You're Dead production. Either way, I think you'll dig it.

"Hookers and Blow":

Seven also spends his time playing on the Interweb, managing the Encyclopedia of Stupid Wiki-esque humor site. He sent me over a few links to his favorites...

First off, let's get the whole "capitalized preposition" thing out of the way:

Now then, a few of my favorite articles that I wrote:



and of course, some holidays...

Saint Patrick's Day


And we talked about the white man...

Whitey (I only wrote about half of this)

And now some music:

Marilyn Manson

Trent Reznor

And other stuff...

Star Trek

I didn't write this but... I know you would appreciate it:



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