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Hookers and Blow

Radio Free America
I know what you're thinking, but no, this isn't a recap of how I spent the weekend. It's almost the holidays so I had to forego the hookers this time around. Rather, this post is marking a milestone of sorts for Radio Free America, soon to be known as Smile You're Dead. Due to some legal shenanigans RFA nucleus Eric Seven is changing the name of his synth/electro/dance/pop outfit after some fifteen years, and he's celebrating the switch-up by releasing a new track for your asses, "Hookers and Blow." This is either the last RFA song or the first Smile You're Dead production. Either way, I think you'll dig it.

"Hookers and Blow":

Seven also spends his time playing on the Interweb, managing the Encyclopedia of Stupid Wiki-esque humor site. He sent me over a few links to his favorites...

First off, let's get the whole "capitalized preposition" thing out of the way:

Now then, a few of my favorite articles that I wrote:



and of course, some holidays...

Saint Patrick's Day


And we talked about the white man...

Whitey (I only wrote about half of this)

And now some music:

Marilyn Manson

Trent Reznor

And other stuff...

Star Trek

I didn't write this but... I know you would appreciate it:


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