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Hooves Share New Song, "Gallows"

Back in May, Hooves frontman Andrew Krissberg explained to me before the band took the floor at Bikini Lounge that the band's decision to move to Washington was one step in a grand plan.

The band's plan sounded idyllic --hanging out in the Pac Northwest, touring, and recording a new record. Things seem to be going well for the group.

"Moving to Bellingham has hardly been a vacation, so to speak," the band wrote July 28 on its Facebook. "We've got new music, a new website that's almost completed, and we've got some other pretty big news coming up."

That big news may be "Gallows," the new tune the band debuted on its SoundCloud on Saturday.

GALLOWS by hoovesmusic

The song was actually recorded here in Phoenix, at 513 Studios with Mike Hissong producing. The band has often joked about playing "dad rock," and on no song have they got closer than "Gallows," with its bluesy licks, cocksure drums, and twinkling barroom piano.

Krissberg says it's going to be featured on the group's new record, Fetch, Little Doggie.

"We hand out tambourines when we have them at shows and two girls started fighting over one," Krissberg says. "One of the girls threw the tambourine over a fence and said 'Fetch, little doggie' to the other girl. The other girl tackled her to the ground and started beating the shit out of her."

Krissberg says the group already has a follow-up to the forthcoming album planned.

"Yeah, after we release this full length, we already have all the songs written for a new EP," Krissberg says. "We're recording it somewhere really expensive. Looking at producers right now. Hopefully Levon Helm will still be alive to help produce.

You can download "Gallows" for free on Hooves' new website.

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