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Hot Shit

scary%20kids%2007.jpg If you're anything like me, you've got absolutely no use for the mall-punk-distillery that is Hot Topic. It might be alright for the high school kids who need a leather-studded punk rock belt or a t-shirt of the The Used (eccchh!), but Hot Topic is really just a symbol of how little the term "punk" actually implies or means these days. Look at the picture of the kids on the Hot Topic website where it's captioned "punk street wear" and you'll know exactly why I think the place blows elephant dick.

Nonetheless, the boys pictured above in local indie/spazz group Scary Kids Scaring Kids have a track available for free on Hot Topic's Myspace page, which is a good thing for the band I guess. I think the band is pretty dope for a young outfit, and its certainly done well for itself, getting signed to Immortal Records and touring almost all of the time. So if you want the easy way to check 'em out, go the Hot Topic Myspace page; but I'd much rather you just go buy the most recent Scary Kids record, The City Sleeps in Flames, than give Hot Topic's site any more page views than it already has.

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Brendan Kelley