HotRock SupaJoint Wants to Be the 'Larry the Cable Guy of Weed'

HotRock loves taking bathroom selfies.
HotRock loves taking bathroom selfies.
HotRock SupaJoint
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In Pound for the Sound, Phoenix New Times gets technical with musicians about what gear they use to create their signature style.

HotRock SupaJoint doesn't freestyle. His music is rehearsed. And he's definitely proud to hold the title of Phoenix's fakest rapper. SupaJoint has an unorthodox way of laying down his rhymes, and everything, and we do mean everything, is about weed. His rhymes, his beats, his life — you name it.

HotRock makes his own beats and crafts his at his DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and with a trusty iPad Pro. He's all about the DIY approach as an artist, and he feels he's way more than just a rapper. He has collaborated with locals WASH on a track to spread the DIY love around the Phoenix community.

Indeed, SupaJoint adamantly affirms he's an entertainer — and that "no one cares about the lyrics ... it is all about the hooks" these days.

SupaJoint has also been running a weekly "potcast" called the SupaShow, dropping a new episode every "Weed-nesday" for the past year. However, due to complications beyond his control, this past Wednesday was the final SupaShow.

This Friday, HotRock SupaJoint will spread the 420 love and holiday cheer all around Phoenix. He has a live performance at DommLife Phoenix for MMJ card holders, and he will go live on Facebook at several events following that show. With all the festivities happening this weekend, New Times caught up with SupaJoint about his gear, being the "Larry The Cable Guy" of weed, and his upcoming 420 plans. (This conversation has been edited for clarity and length.)

Phoenix New Times: What's the secret weapon of your sound? And how did that help you find your "signature" tone?
HotRock SupaJoint: Omg, what a great question, yo. So, for me, I could say it be the Shure SM7B fo my studio recordings, 'cause it don’t pick up all that room and computer noise … but for reals, it the weed, yo. I don’t know if that's big a secret, but yeah, my signature tone comes from all the weed I smoke before I record or perform, homie. Since we try to switch up the music from recording to recording, the only constant be my voice, and that tone comes from me smoking all the time.

What's your favorite piece of gear in your collection and why?
I got this sweet Frank Pipe I use all the time, an I also got a dope bong from Bud's Glass Joint a couple years back. Also, I only use RAW papers when I be twisting up doobies. And not smoking all them bleaches and other shit in my papers is prob a good thing, yo.

Any special pieces of gear acquired over the years? Any special story, or stories, behind your collection of tools?
Not really. Most of the gear I use, I got off Craigslist and Guitar Center or the Apple Store. Pretty happy with this iPad Pro I be rocking right now.

Just listened to your track, “The Nite Fo 420.” That was a wild ride and left us with the feeling of wanting to get high and celebrate the “holiday.” How did you go about composing and recording that track in the studio?
Typically me and a homie or two will get high AF and start recording. We’ll lay tracks till we can’t no mo, then I go through an edit it all into something resembling a song, then lay my vox on top. Pretty sure that track was me, DJ Swamp on beats, and Poppa Color on guitar.

You had said during our interview that you wanted to be the “Larry the Cable Guy” of weed. What did you mean by that?
Who I really wanna be is the “Larry the Cable Guy” of weed. That dude be selling like heartburn pills and being in all these movies as an actor or just voice for the cartoons, and I think that would be a pretty dope gig.

You had also mentioned in our phone interview that you had lots of plans for 420 this year, including playing a show. Can you tell fans what your plans are for the big day?
Ya mean 420, a.k.a. my birthday? Well, at 7 p.m. Imma be at DommLife performing at a fashion show, then later Imma be at the Lost Leaf fo the Buds Glass Joint event. I’m also gonna be doing some FB Live stuff throughout the night. An Imma be getting high. Really high. 'Cause I love weed.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.