How Eisley Made Currents: "We Just Had a Lot More Freedom"

Currents, the latest from indie darlings Eisley, is the sound of a band that's free at last. At least, that's the subtext -- not just a sense of freedom from Warner Bros., after a brief major-label stint, but also the freedom of having gotten 2011's bitter, angst-ridden The Valley out of its system. You can almost hear Stacy King -- one of three sisters in the band, which also includes their brother and a cousin -- sigh with relief when speaking about the experience of recording Currents by themselves.

"It was much-needed," says King. "We had always worked with producers, or somebody who was coming in and giving opinions and breathing down our necks. Some bands do well with that, but we've always been at our best as a band writing and doing things how we want, so I loved it. We built our own studio, and it's pretty much in our own backyard, so that was great. We had a lot of free time to sit and think and work songs over a couple times if we wanted.

"We just had a lot more freedom. It was definitely the most positive experience we've had in a studio."

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Brian Palmer
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