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How Katy Perry Made Me A Believer with "Dark Horse" and "Who You Love"

It took a while. At first, it's hard to be enamored with Katy Perry's dynamic as a male listener: You either get it or you don't right off the bat. Like any other modern pop icon, however, Perry's single are as grandiose as they are ubiquitous, especially with the massive success of 2010's Teenage Dream.

I, for one was not a Katy Perry fan. I wrote thinly-veiled criticism about her for my school paper. I eschewed the wholehearted fans. I hardly tolerated my girlfriend's full-blown Katy Perry obsession -- until recently.

Over the course of the past month, everything changed. Prism, Perry's highly anticipated follow up to Teenage Dream, drops on October 22, and its subsequent Dr. Luke-produced singles, "Roar" and last night's release of "Dark Horse," featuring ex-Three Six Mafia member Juicy J, are leading the Billboard charge while forcing me to reevaluate my stance.

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K.C. Libman
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