How Many Bands Can Fit at Club Red?!

It was exciting to hear one of the Valley's catchiest bands, Violet Wild, is playing a show this Friday, November 20 at Club Red, opening for Days of the New.

But after taking a look at the flyer for the show, it's flabbergasting how many freakin' bands are on one bill: a whopping 11. For a non-festival show at such a small venue, that's a ton.

This is great for local music lovers, considering tickets range from only $15-$20. The show features a big variety of acts, from pop, to alternative rock, to experimental. The concert's split between two stages, so you can wander around and find music you dig.

Be sure to check out Violet Wild, an energetic pop rock band that recently opened for Our Lady Peace. Locals The Constellation Branch are also on the bill.

Another notable act is Vains of Jenna, a "sleaze rock" band from Sweden that goes crazy with the guyliner. Even if you're not a fan of their music, they'll be interesting to watch.

Tickets for the show are available on


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