How PHX's Musicians and DJs Reacted to Michael Jackson's Death (Including Some Exclusive Jacko Mixes)

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We learned about Michael Jackson's untimely passing yesterday afternoon in likely the same fashion that y'all reading this did: Twitter. In fact, as news of the King of Pop's death spread across the Web 2.0 tweetscape so fiercely that it caused the social media service to pull a major Death Star at certain points (i.e. explode into a massive ball of flame). Celebrities even got into some major spats regarding MJ, including a Twitter flame war between Fall Out Boy hunk Pete Wentz and Interweb gossip monger Perez Hilton.

There were also a few vitriolic tweets getting spat by some members of our fair city's DJ posse, particularly in the direction of the jocks of hard rock station KUPD, which (as they're wont to do) were making fun of Wacko Jacko's death.

What else was being tweeted about Jackson by PHX DJs and musicians? We compiled a list, which follows the break (along with some mixes of the pop icon's music).

UPDATE: Looks like our man Albert Ching (music editor at sister pub OC Weekly) had the same idea.

DJ William Fucking Reed, Shake! resident: CNN breaking news: Pop music legend Michel Jackson dies of apparant food poisioning after eating an 8 year old weiner. (@djwilliamreed)

Karlie Hustle, Power 98.3 personality: who is the younger generation's michael jackson? guess what--he doesn't exist! there will never be another icon in music like MJ. not never. (@karliehustle)

DJ Z-Trip: #Michael Jackson. I want you back...(@ztrip)

Ben Collins, Modern Art Records czar: Michael Jackson was my original hero.... (@ModernCollins)

Tricky T, Blunt Club/Pinky Ring resident: BET is doing the right thing! Playin MJ videos all night, FUCK MTV! He made them and they got Charm School on! Cmon! (@DJTRICKYT)

Party Foul!, electro DJ night: Fuck 98 KUPD! What the fuck do u assholes have against M.J.? oh wait he's talented and makes awesome music unlike the bands on your station (@PartyFoulAZ)

DJ Skandalis, Silver Martini & Wine resident: When the Thriller video came out I was like 4 or 5 and my brother would make me watch it to scare me when MJ's eyes turned yellow lol! (@DjSkandalis)

D-JR, Pinky Ring resident: MJ is the Beatles of pop. Changed the game. Changed my life and yours. Changed the world. A rare and special talent. (@THEDJR)

True dat, D-JR. Here's a mix that was laid down by DJ Phlava from 101.5 JAMZ:

Karamba Nightclub's DJ Melo has also posted an MP3 version of a fly Jacko mixtape he made back in 1997. You can download through the following links: Side A and Side B.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.