Hung Up On You Hang Up: Former Malcolm in the Middle Star Plays A Free Show This Saturday

Some of y'all are going to love this.

Show promoter Alia Souissi just hipped me to a show she's putting on at Chopper John's, 2547 East Indian School, that will feature a 30-minute set by headlining act You Hang Up, the Frankie Muniz band that some of our readers seem to heart so much. (Feel the love here as well.)

Muniz, the kid that played the title character in Malcolm in the Middle, plays drums in this ensemble that, to me, sounds like Jimmy Eat World fused with arbitrary auto-tune effects.

If you think it's cool and contrarian to listen to music that isn't so good or if you're still living in 2005 (when Fall Out Boy and Get Up Kids were, like, so powerful to listen to), this show may blow your mind.

Local band Half Smile opens the 18-and-over show around 10 p.m. Saturday, February 6. Chopper John's maximum occupancy is one-hundred folks, so you may want to post up there on the early side for the sonic bliss.

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