Hutaree Militia's Favorite Band, HammerFall, Comes to Mesa Thursday

If you've watched the news in the past day or so you've probably seen a clip of the Hutaree Militia's training video. The group was allegedly planning a terrorist attack involving the murder of a law enforcement officer as an excuse to get a bunch of other law enforcement officers together and attack them.

If you're anything like me you immediately wondered what band is rocking out in the background while these crazed "Christians" -- apparently they were too busy obsessing over Revelations to bother reading Four Gospels, where they'd learn what the radically pacifist Christ had to say about such things -- run around with guns.

Turns out it's a Swedish metal band called HammerFall. As it so happens, the band will be in Mesa for show at UB's on Thursday April 1 and in Tucson for a show at The Rock on Friday.

Oddly, the band does not appear to be overtly religious in any way. I figured they'd either be on board with the Christian warrior thing or, ironically, a pagan black metal band. HammerFall does have some black metal associations but not enough to really make their inclusion on the video Onion-ironic.

Check out a live version of the song below. Sorry, no gun-toting manaics.

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