Ice House Tavern Celebrates Four Year Anniversary With Music and Food

The Ice House Tavern is a unique place. The bar, attached to the Arcadia Ice Arena, offers cheap beers and views of practicing skaters and hockey teams to patrons (plus totally sweet glimpses of that Zamboni).

For the past two years, co-owner Daryl Chester has been offering music, too. On Saturday, August 6, the bar  celebrates its four year anniversary with some local rock, hosting a reunion gig from Farewell Review, and performances from Quarter Inch Crown, Fatigo and Lost in the Sun.

"These are some of the first bands that ever played here," Chester says.

In addition to tunes, Chester will be offering free BBQ, including pulled pork, chicken and brisket, and offering beer specials.

The bar features a locals only jukebox, something Chester is pretty proud of. "It's cool, isn't it?" he muses, including that his favorite song from the juke is The Relics' "Compound."

"I also play the Robot Tank songs on there," he adds, noting that the band was the first to play the Ice House, and were scheduled to perform at the celebration before recently calling it quits.

The celebration marks years of work, and Chester is glad he started hosting music at the space.

"It's kinda funny," Chester says. "We fit a small niche; we're not downtown, we're not Tempe, were not east side or west side, but we draw people from all those areas."

Farewell Review

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.