As a discerning music lover, you've no doubt been asking yourself, "Are any bands deemed "Best New Music" by the tastemakers at Pitchfork coming to Phoenix this summer?" Well yeah, a couple, including Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Kurt Vile, and Cut Copy.

But if you were to ask yourself "Will any bands comprised of frighteningly young Danish post-punkers deemed "Best New Music" by Pitchfork be coming to the Valley's newest underground warehouse venue this summer," you'd be left with only one group matching the description: Iceage.

The bands record, New Brigade earned an 8.4 and the BNM tag on the 'ole Fork today, with writer David Bevan saying:  "And though a lot of this music might seem from a distance like a dozen ideas thrown together in the space of a single song, what they've done here is deceptively precise and exists on a deeply personal, unfiltered plane. All these lurches and groans and crashes and bangs and stutters and roars come together to form one consistently rousing, emotionally immediate whole."

Iceage Scheduled to Play Yellow Canary Dance Hall on July 19

The band is scheduled to perform at Yellow Canary Dance Hall (see our interview with Stephen Steinbrink about his plans for the venue). The bill is rounded out with a selection of locals, including Weird Ladies (who's tape is one of my favorite local releases this year),  Nihilism, and Pigeon Egg Men.

Iceage have been steadily building buzz for the past couple month, with publications and sites like Stereogum, Spin, joining Pitchfork in collective raving about the band. The has mysterious vibe, no doubt part of their appeal, but beyond that, the music is great ferocious, angular, no-wave inspired post-punk.

More info at Yellow Canary Dance Hall's official Tumblr page

Check out Iceage's video for "New Brigade" below:

Iceage - New Brigade from iceage on Vimeo.

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