In This Moment on the Hottest Chicks in Metal, Tattoos, and The New Album

In This Moment come off as intimidating to some people, and it's easy to see why. Founders Chris Howorth (guitars) and Maria Brink (vocals) are a real sight, with Howorth's crazy-long dreads, Brink's Alice In Wonderland-inspired outfits, and the intricate tattoos and cobalt eyes of both.

But the two are easygoing and direct when it comes to questions about the simple things in life, like the three things always stocked on their tour bus, and of course, album concepts. Since 2005, the metalcore band has developed an following that began with Myspace and brought the band's Tim Burton-esque stage show all the way to Madison Square Garden.

In This Moment spoke with Up on the Sun about the band's Arizona travels, the upcoming album, Maria Brink's "Wonderland" and why she can't pick the hottest girl in metal.

In This Moment are scheduled to perform Thursday, August 18 at The Venue Scottsdale.

Up On The Sun: In This Moment seems to come through Arizona around every four months or so. Do you guys just love us here, love the heat, or is it just the touring pattern?

Chris Howorth: Well we definitely don't love the heat, but we do love the AZ fans, and it is right on the way in and out of California, so its hard for us to skip.

UOTS: What are the three things always stocked on the band's tour bus?

Howorth: Ice-cold Monster Energy drinks, water, and a bottle of vodka.

UOTS: In September the band was going to go Australian shores for the Soundwave Revolution festival, but it was recently canceled, correct? Are you guys still going down under to perform?

Howorth: Unfortunately it is canceled and we have no immediate plans to go there. We are very bummed. This is the second Soundwave fest we have been confirmed on and then not gotten to do. Our Aussie fans are bummed, too.

UOTS: In This Moment's last release, A Star-Crossed Wasteland, was very different from the previous releases. Do you think that the last release best defines the band and the style you've been working towards?

Howorth: Yes absolutely, we feel like Star Crossed is us. It's the combo of both previous records. Going in we definitely wanted to make sure this CD was our defining sound.

UOTS: What was the muse behind the song "The Gun Show?"

Howorth: It's just a good time party song to mosh to. It's not the most high brow concept.

UOTS: I heard some new writing is going on for an album that will be released around the spring or summer of next year. Since storytelling is such an important part of the band's lyrical content, are there any concepts or themes that are slowly starting to surface that you wouldn't mind sharing with fans?

Howorth: Well we gave been talking about expanding on the last albums concept and maybe going further or more in depth with it, and Maria had been throwing around some tentative album titles but nothing we can put out there yet, we have a lot more arguing to do before we decide on the title.

UOTS: Maria, I've seen you perform a badass cover of Pantera's "I'm Broken," which is a personal favorite. What are some of your other favorite covers to do?

Maria Brink: "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins. I really wanna cover a Nine Inch Nails song.

UOTS: You've been named the Hottest Chick in Metal at the Revolver Golden God Awards. If you got to pick the next chick to get the title, whom would you choose?

Brink: I cant even choose that because there are too many beautiful talented women in metal and I wouldn't be able to pick just one.

UOTS: What are some your musical influences that may surprise your fans?

Howorth: Our influences are pretty gnarly, we all like different things and that is why we sound the way we do. We are always fighting each other to get our individual ideas into the songs. Our influences range from Pink Floyd to Slayer.

UOTS: Maria, your interactive Web site for fans, Maria Brink's Wonderland, is a fantastic idea to relate and stay in touch with those who love your music. What do fans get access to with the membership?

MARIA- They get access to one of a kind songs, pictures, video blogs, and I have live chats with the fans and there is a great forum for the fans to stay in touch with each other. The site is a great way for me to have special connection with my fans.

UOTS: You're known for your bright and beautiful tattoos. I read that your first tattoo was for your son, who is now 16. What was your last tattoo?

Brink: I got a tattoo on my inner arm that reminds me to be patient. It reads: I embrace patience and serenity, therefore I hold the heart to the empire.

UOTS:What are you guys listening to on your iPods right now?

Howorth Skid Row, Pantera, Deftones, and Foo Fighters.

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