Give peace, and Never Shout Never, a chance
Give peace, and Never Shout Never, a chance

Incoming: Never Shout Never on the AP Tour

Clear your calendars now for what's likely to be a pop music fan's wet dream when cutie pie Christofer Ingle, aka Never Shout Never, comes to town and brings a bevy of sugary acts along with him.

Ready for the line-up?

It includes Decaydance vets The Cab and Hey Monday, along with Every Avenue and Valley band The Summer Set. *Squeal!!!*

Ingle is an 18-year-old prodigy who's already released five EP's and is gearing up for his debut album, What Is Love?, out January 26.

His songs are sweet little ditties focusing on love and heartbreak with melodies so catchy they'll have you singing along in no time.

And he's an excellent musician to boot, writing all his own music and playing piano, guitar and ukulele, as well as doing programming.

His shows are also a treat because he's a great storyteller and doesn't hesitate to let audiences in on just what makes him tick as a lyricwriter. Trust me, that and his shaggy locks make the tweens go crazy.

Tickets, available on, are a steal at $15 in advance. It wouldn't be surprising if the show packed the place full of neon-colored hoodie-wearing, flat-ironed kids.


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