There's never been less of a division between electro-pop bands and DJs. Case in point, Next Fest, which hits Sail Inn on April 30. The festival is a veritable who's who of electronic dance acts, featuring turntablists, live bands, and groups that blend the two formats.

Incoming: Next Fest with Crusher Sound System, Mr. Meeble, Super Stereo, DJ Radar and More

The diverse lineup includes Crusher Sound System, featuring Pickster One and drummer Scottie Does soundtracking live art by Dumperfoo, Mr. Meeble, who are leaving on tour to Europe following the gig, Z-Trip compatriot DJ Radar, electro-poppers Super Stereo, downtown mixer Djentrification, Pablo Gomez, Deconstruction, Discombobulator, Orphans and live visuals by Visual Skratch Pixlz.

With that many samples and records spinning, it's hard to calculate the mass of sounds that will be display during the evening. The night promises to be a display of the varied Phoenix electronic scene.

DJentification's "drumnoise" is a perfect example --check it out as the downtown maven skirts between breakbeat hip hop into a Latin raveup.

01 drumnoise by Djentrification

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