Incoming: Tom Petty, Miike Snow, Mono

Tom Petty returns to Arizona for this first time since an August 2008 show out in Glendale. More info on the upcoming tour, including the track "Good Enough" from Petty's forthcoming album Mojo can be found at TomPetty.com.

Other live show announcements (not nearly as big as Tom Petty, but worth mentioning):

A Weather - May 4 @ Trunk Space

Dosh, White Hinterland - May 4 @ Sail Inn (Two Portland bands in one night, woot!)

MonoThe Twilight Sad - May 5 @ The Clubhouse

Miike Snow - June 5 @ The Clubhouse

I shouldn't mention this, but I have to:

Local Natives - April 20 @ Solar Culture (in Tucson). Absolutely worth the trip. If you haven't heard Gorilla Manor yet, do yourself a big favor and listen to it. Seriously.

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