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Insane Clown Posse

The self-styled "most hated band in the world" has a true friend in us. No, not "us" literally — we'd sooner listen to Feist — but "us" as in, the Valley of the Sun. The horror-core rap pioneers always draw well here, whether touring in league (their Dark Lotus supergroup side-project came to town last May) or all by their face-painted, Faygo-swilling lonesomes. Supporting their 11th studio album, titled Bang! Pow! Boom!, co-bozos Joseph Bruce and Joseph Ulster figure to pull off another dragnet of ICP enthusiasts: a mostly white, mostly male, mostly working-class fringe known as "Juggalos." Evidently, the new album revives ICP's Dark Carnival mythology, a sort of white-trash Inferno envisioning a supernatural theme park where the greedy, murderous, and otherwise wicked are lured to their doom. The title of the album refers to a Shiva-like character who clears the carnival grounds of evil souls by enveloping them in a large, ever-exploding plume of destruction. Cool, huh? Too bad we can't order up one of those bad boys for the bickering do-nothings in the Arizona State Legislature. Then we'd be friends with ICP. Truly.
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Craig Outhier