Insane Clown Posse at Marquee Theatre (or At Least the Aftermath)

Ever see that movie Heavy Metal Parking Lot? It's a good flick, but Juggalo Parking Lot would put it to shame.

Why no one has made a serious documentary about Insane Clown Posse fans baffles me. The hooting and hollering, the facepaint, the cheap soda, the bullshit allegations of gang membership -- the Juggalos have it all. Just look at the photos from the show.

OK, confession time: Observations from the parking lot are all I've got from ICP's show at Marque Theatre Friday. Sadly, they switched-up the set times (I even had a picture of a schedule for the first night at the same venue to go by) for the rescheduled show, and so I arrived at 10:29, anticipating a 10:35 start, only to show up in time to nearly be knocked over by a flood of happy Juggalos leaving the theater.

Whatevs. I've seen the group three or four times before, which is why I planned to show up at the box office six minutes before the group took the stage, thus minimizing my time in contact with people like the guy outside the show who gave me a "fuck you" after I returned his "whazzup" with a "not much, man" instead of the customary "whoop whoop."

Still, the Marquee's parking lot after an ICP show had more excitement than most concerts I see: The chants ("Magic, Magic Ninja, What," "FAM-A-LEE!") the way a girl got into a pedicab only to be doused with soda as she sped away, the way Juggalos seemed interested in hoarding empty two-liters, the number of guys with an "undercut," that weird mid-90s haircut where the top is long and the sides and back are shaved... A great scene, indeed.

It was pretty awesome, as you can see in Victor Palagano's pictures of the show and the aftermath.

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Martin Cizmar
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