Is It Illegal to Buy a Used CD from Your Favorite Local Record Store? It Might Be Soon...

It seems the fight over who actually owns music is never-ending. This time, the fight isn't about burning CDs, online torrents, or album leaks. It's about re-selling physical copies of a record that you bought and paid for. Who knew that this was a problem?

Well, the folks at Universal Music Group are not happy that the used CD market exists. According to Tiny Mix Tapes, Universal Music Group sued Seattle resident Troy Augusto for reselling the CDs with that cool little sticker on the front that says "Promotional Use Only, Not for Resale." (You know, the ones die-hard fans of a particular band constantly seek out?)

Though shockingly enough, the U.S. copyright law appeared to be on the consumer's side, UMG is appealing the court's decision in Augusto's favor. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization dedicated entirely to "champion(ing) the public interest in every critical battle affecting digital rights" has taken on Augusto's case. And just when you thought buying used CDs from a local record store was the safe bet... think again.

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