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Is Taylor Swift a Feminist's Nightmare?

You may have heard the controversy. Sure, there's been a ton of talk recently about whether or not Taylor Swift actually deserves the accolades she's received. Autostraddle has published a lengthy and much talked about essay on why Taylor Swift is a feminist's nightmare.

The crux of the writer's argument is that Taylor Swift represents everything that society wishes and hopes a young woman should be. She conforms to ideas about innocence, naïveté, and virginality. While Swift does not have the problem of being oversexualized, like so many young women trying to make it in the entertainment industry, the writer argues that she sees women as obstacles to getting the man who is undoubtedly her soulmate. In the midst of all the talk about who's good and who sucks, and who deserved to sing with Stevie Nicks and who didn't, this makes for some interesting conversation.

STORY: Why Taylor Swift Offends Little Monsters, Feminists, and Weirdos

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