Is The Wiley One's "Never Bored on a Board" Crass Marketing or Just a Cool Video?

Phoenix fedora-rock band The Wiley One admits right up front to being wily, so I approached their latest single, "Never Board on a Board," with a little hesitation.

This is a song about how great all board sports are? Seriously? Kinda seems like a ploy to get a song featured on a broadcast of the X Games (they still have those, right?") or, at the very least, pander to Mountain Dew-drinking fans.

Other songs in the band's catalog don't necessarily help its case. The "acoustic hip hop blues ensemble" (this is why journalists don't let bands make up genre names) lapses into Blue-Eyed reggae on "Gotta Lotta Love" and penned a call to arms called "Go Green" (best line: "Green like a turtle in the middle of the ocean").

After watching this impressively hi-fi video promoting the song (download for free here) I'm not sure, though. Do these guys sincerely love all board sports or are they hoping to, say, sell this to Cowtown?
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Martin Cizmar
Contact: Martin Cizmar