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Jack Johnson @ Cricket Wireless Pavilion

Do you quietly address world issues in the songs you write on your porch? Have you got America thinking you're the chillest person in the country? Do you go everywhere barefoot? What, you don't? That's all right, because acoustic pop mellow man Jack Johnson is coming to town to fill all those niches. Since a surfing accident when he was a teenager, Johnson turned his life around to make it to the big time. In 2002, he started a record label, Brushfire Records, to which he has signed G. Love, Matt Costa, and A.L.O. Hits like "Bubble Toes," "Sitting, Waiting, Wishing," "Upside Down," "If I Had Eyes," and, most recently, "You and Your Heart" have helped Johnson achieve success throughout the decade. Be sure to listen for sappy favorites "Better Together" and "Flake" at Johnson's tailor-made-for-couples show. This also happens to be a great show for both high school hippie chicks and brahs, so don't forget to bring wear your puka shells, cargo shorts, and hemp necklaces.

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Lenni Rosenblum