Jack Johnson Plays Under the Stars at Cricket Wireless Pavilion

Jack Johnson may be one of the most mellow artists around, but his show at Cricket Wireless Pavilion last night got people on their feet for a full 2-hour-long performance. He even hooked a lucky couple up with a concert marriage proposal--that's sure to be a great memory. Here is what other people were talking about after the show. (And read our review here.)

@HAVictoryEA- Great night at the Jack Johnson Concert with the family. Time for some Zzzz...

@SunDevil56- Back home after a great Jack Johnson concert!

@_kaled- Someone proposed @ the concert & got the spotlight + a special song fromm Jack Johnson

@rhondabannard- Jack Johnson concert amazing-Zee Avi and G-Love and all. A surprisingly wonderful night. A pleasure to watch. Crowd on feet mostly.

@Noahalin- Jack Johnson under the stars is awesome. I recommend it.

@MikeJackBauer- This is one of those perfect desert nights us Phoenix folk are so wonderfully spoiled by...and Jack Johnson is killing it on top of that!

@bbnaz57- Outstanding show!

@Rosie1698- Omg! Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Tonight was fucking epic! I

@stevenditzel- Jack Johnson played for 2 hours. Awesome!

@lynnmoen- The Jack Johnson concert was fan-fu@&ing-tastic tonight in Phoenix!

@mdavidsonCO- Jack Johnson putting on a great show, as always. Never disappoints

@annaantenor- Jack Johnson is so awesome LIVE!! :) Had a blast with my honey!

@KSFIG37- Jack Johnson show was amazing can't wait till the next one!

@asupilot11- Jack Johnson was amazing!

@Daniel_Koenig- Jack Johnson was amazing. Loved every minute of it. nearly lost my voice. Cant wait for his next tour.

@Melissscious- Jack Johnson was frickin amazing!

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.