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Jake Goldsmith on Why Every Single DJ Should Know How to Dance

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How do you stand out from other rank-and-file DJs? Other than being the most misunderstood, I don't really know. I have a birthmark on my forehead, if that helps.

Misunderstood? People who don't know me think I'm an asshole, but i'm really just a super passionate nerd.

What's been your favorite experience thus far as a DJ? Still remember my first night as the closing DJ, something I worked so hard to get to for years. Exciting experience

What's something that no one else knows about you? I'm secretly in love with Ryan Gosling

Hey girl Jake, is he aware of your secret love? Dunno.

How much work do you put into your mixes? You mean like a recorded DJ mix?

Sure. Gosh I don't know, not too much time, but enough to make the mix good and give it a vibe. Live DJing is different.

How so? It's an aggregate -- an accumulation if you will -- of stuff you discover while DJing both live or in the studio. When I play live, I go off the cuff but reference things that have worked in previous sessions and still try new things. So to answer your question, it's an ongoing thing.

What's something you've pulled out on the fly that went over like mad? One track that I love and now try to play every so often is "Song For Ellen" by Mighty Mouse. It's an edit that I hadn't played yet a few years back, and when I did, I knew straight away I'd be playing it more and more. That, and "Love The Night Away" by DJ Kaos. Killer.

Ever have a particular track flop? Yeah, part of the trade. If you aren't challenging your audience, then you aren't doing the job of a DJ...introducing music that otherwise goes unplayed. It doesn't always pan out at the moment you try it though.

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