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Japanese Disaster Prompts Statement from Singer of Local Metal Band Hemoptysis

We've written a lot about local metal band Hemoptysis. Mostly because they're really, really good. But their backstory makes for interesting copy, too.


The band is fronted by a guy named Masaki Murashita, a Japanese immigrant who once told us, candidly:

"I would move back. That's my honest opinion," he says. "I don't know if I'm supposed to say that, but when it's time for me to retire and I'm 70 and there's no health insurance, how am I supposed to make it?

So, understandably, Murashita is heartsick about what's going on in his home country right now -- earthquakes, volcanoes, nuclear meltdowns, etc.

He took a break from promoting the band's just-released new record Misanthropic Slaughter to pen the following statement about the disaster:

"I first want to thank our fans for the overwhelming support they have shown me in the last few days since my home country of Japan was hit by devastating earthquakes and a tsunami. I have been in contact with my family and friends in Japan and they are safe at the moment but not out of harm's way. This is without a doubt one of the most difficult and tragic times for my country. The Japanese people are strong and resilient but any help you can spare for the people of Japan would be greatly appreciated. You can help by following this link.

Thank you.


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