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Japhy's Descent Releases Two-Disc Album Tonight With One Enormous Local Party

Tempe's Japhy's Descent have made their rounds in the Valley for years now, which means they have plenty of stories to go around. 

Stories they hope are represented on their new double disc album, Moon Noon

The double disc, deservedly will get a two-weekend blowout that starts tonight and finishes with an April 28 show. Supporting talent for the shows includes Snake! Snake! Snakes!, Dry River Yacht Club, TKLB, Future Loves Past, Banana Gun, Quick Henry, Doctor Bones and more.  

We talked to guitarist Travis and bassist Brian [last names redacted] about expectations, stress and letting it all go with one big, local party at 910 Live

How long have you guys been working on this album?
Brian: We recorded the first track in the studio the second week of January at STEM Recording in Paradise Valley. Between playing shows non-stop, taking a two week break for a family emergency, and then going to SxSW for a week, we really didn't have much time. We worked tirelessly to make this happen. We were recording up to the last day before we had to have the final mixes to Universal, but we made it happen.

How does it feel to finally get it released after so much hard work?
Amazing! There were times when I thought we were crazy, and I was a touch nervous, but I knew in the end we would pull it off.

What did you guys want to do differently with the songs on this album than you've done in the past? Was there are theme or mood you were going for?
We wanted to present the two sides of Japhy's. The first, Noon, is just us four rocking out together with our electric instruments. The second, Moon, was a community effort to try and get as many friends as we could to join us. We wanted to get more, but with such a pinch on time we were only able to get about 15 additional musicians on the record. Overall, I feel like we accomplished what we set out to do.

Is there a story behind the name Moon Noon?
Brian: Oh, yes, there is! I will let Travis explain this.
Travis:  It's based off a failed music festival that happened last year out at Four Peaks. Sasquanaut was three songs into their set when the police rolled up, cutting off all amplified music. We asked the officer if we were still allowed to camp, and we were told we could stay but no amplified music. We asked friends from various bands if they had brought any sort of acoustic instrument with them and wound up with several guitars, drums, banjos, tambourines, and 90 voices gathered around a tent for an acoustic Japhy's Descent and Future Loves Past set. So what many considered to be a failure of a festival, the few that were fortunate to be there walked away with a memory to last a lifetime. So Noon represents the set you intend on playing and Moon represents the moments with your friends and the experience you can't even imagine is out there.

You have a pretty amazing lineup of bands playing with you guys on Friday. What should people expect if they come out to the show?
Brian: To hear some amazing musicians. We are so lucky to have the bands playing with us that we do, and I am so grateful and blessed to be sharing the same stage with these incredible bands.
Travis: A lineup of amazing bands and close friends. As crazy as the night will be, you won't be able to walk anywhere without seeing friends laughing, hugging and sharing stories. It's going to feel like family. A very loud, dysfunctional and crazy family.

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