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Jason Mraz

Admittedly I'm a little bit behind on my Dave Matthews clones -- once he quit the Blues Traveler harping of his earlier hits, I couldn't even tell the DMB from Hootie. Then came that John Mayer guy who performed at the Grammys honoring James Taylor, mumbling his hit "Your Body is a Rollercoaster" (or whatever that soggy-ass song was called), and it seemed a complete affront to Taylor, who articulates every syllable like he's sipping a mint julep. Now there's this Jason Mraz (pronounced morass) guy whose hit "Remedy (What Me Worry)" (or something like that) had me saying something about white skinny folkers making everything sound like it's a UB40 song. With no end of hubris in sight, Mraz has not only a new album called Mr. A-Z, where he's trying to be synonymous with our home state, but also a sophomore-jinx-breaking single, in which he insists he doesn't mumble and also crowns himself "the Wizard of oohs and aahs and fa la las." Has no one consulted Smokey Robinson? Jeez, demand a recount!
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Serene Dominic
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